Why Can’t I Find a Job?


It now takes on average three to nine months for a young person to find employment. There are many reasons people may struggle to find a job, including less opportunities in certain sectors and a lack of skills needed for the role. If it’s taking you a while to find employment, or you’ve had little joy from various applications, here’s where you may have been going wrong.

Apply For Inappropriate Roles

One of the reasons your job search may have been unsuccessful so far is because you don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience suitable for the position. Most people don’t do this intentionally and just need to do a little more research into the vacancy prior to applying. If the entry requirements for a position are unclear, there’s no harm in contacting the hirer or company to find out a bit more. Other than that, there are a whole host of places online where you can find the job description for a particular role, which should give you at least a rough idea of what requirements will be expected.

Too Few Applications

You have to keep in mind that your application is one of many that are sent off by a whole host of people. Unfortunately, this inevitably slims down the chances of you securing each position you apply for. To combat this, jobseekers nowadays need to apply for many more positions than they did say ten years ago in order to secure a job. Set yourself a realistic target of how many roles to apply for each day/week/month, ensuring you have enough time to write a good cover letter and tailor your application for each one.

Mistakes in Your CV

It’s surprising how many applicants continue to submit CVs that contain errors. These can be in your spelling and grammar, but also in the formatting of your CV. Make sure you check and check again, asking somebody else to proofread it for you too. Remember that not all mistakes will appear in spellcheck: you may have written the wrong dates for your previous employment and spellcheck will be none the wiser. Beware, any type of mistake or inconsistency will mark your CV as poor and push you towards the ‘no’ pile!


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