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8 Ways to Resolve Conflict at Work

Conflict at work is inevitable, even if you do everything in your power to avoid confrontational situations. The truth is, you’re not always going to… Read More

rise and improvement  concept

The Career Ladder: Getting Yourself To The Top – by Jade Waddy

We’ve all heard of a career ladder, but what steps do we need to take to reach the top? It’s all well and good giving… Read More


Climbing The Ladder in a Big Company

When you work for a big company it’s easy to get lost amongst the crowd. But in order to climb the ladder, impressing those in… Read More

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Should I Go To Uni?

With application figures to UK universities experiencing rises and dips, it’s clear that the choice to go to university is challenging for many young people… Read More

Wedding Planner

World’s Most Interesting Job? Wedding and Events Planner

What’s great about organising weddings is that, although the end goal is always the same, each one is completely different in terms of both preparation… Read More

Career Savvy Magazine

Salaries: Knowing Your Worth

Salaries: they’re not the be all and end all, but they certainly matter a lot. A recent YouGov survey showed that 50% of UK employees… Read More

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Reach Your Potential: Inspirational Advice from Serial Entrepreneur & Business Coach Bev James

With over twenty years’ experience transforming businesses in a variety of sectors, including coaching and recruitment, Bev James has established a great reputation as a… Read More

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How To Sound More Confident

Walk the Walk Body language is a big deal. They say that 80% of communication is visual, meaning that what you say is only part… Read More


Seven Signs you Hate your Job

Underperforming You could do much better at your job and you probably know it. But there’s just no motivation to improve. You might fulfil the… Read More

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Cover Letters: How Much Do They Matter?

The short answer would be a lot. But perhaps a little elaboration would be useful! A surprising amount of people don’t attach a cover letter… Read More

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