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10 Steps to a Winning Cover Letter

1. Definitely send one Even if the job advert doesn’t specifically request a cover letter, it is common courtesy to send one. It’s a polite… Read More

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Cover Letters: How Much Do They Matter?

The short answer would be a lot. But perhaps a little elaboration would be useful! A surprising amount of people don’t attach a cover letter… Read More


Five Things You Didn’t Know About Recruiters

Jobseeking isn’t a walk in the park, and there are lot of hoops to jump through to try and secure a job. For many candidates… Read More


10 Things a Graduate Needs to Show on Their CV

Graduation is just around the corner, which means so is the next stage of your career. Instead of finding out the hard way that your… Read More

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CV Clichés to Steer Clear Of

The importance of your CV in the hiring process can’t be emphasised enough and if you’ve been job searching a while, it’s likely yours needs… Read More

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CVs Around the World

Do you have itchy feet? Perhaps you’ve had enough of the British weather and want to discover what life is like somewhere new. Well we… Read More

CV Buzzwords: The Apple of a Recruiter’s Eye

Your CV is the initial and most crucial stage of your application – it gets your foot in the door and provides the basis for… Read More

The Four Top Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are essential as they enable you to ease into new roles, no matter how relevant your skills and previous experiences are. Your specific… Read More


Your CV: Four Things to Spruce It Up.

Writing your CV can be a bore, and once you’ve completed it, it’s tempting to not look at it again for a while. In reality,… Read More

Infographic: Ten Things NOT to Put on Your CV

CVs can are tricky to get exactly right. With a lot of conflicting advice out there, it’s hard to know the definitive answers to what… Read More

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