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Summer Interning and Volunteering

As your days at university draw to a close and summer finally arrives, you may be tempted to push your anxieties about the future to… Read More

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The Lowdown on Virtual Internships

In the US, over eight million people work virtually which has led to the popular trend of virtual internships. Employees and employers alike are recognising… Read More


Creative Internships: The Only Entry Route?

Graduates and candidates with a desire to work in the creative sector, be this film, TV, fashion or publishing, understand the struggle of getting a… Read More


The Importance of Internships

These days, graduates can no longer relax out of term time. A competitive job market has led to students needing to use their free time… Read More

Goodbye to Free Interns

  It’s not uncommon for a graduate or student to work for free, in some cases for many months, after or during their studies. Internships… Read More

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