Climbing The Ladder in a Big Company


When you work for a big company it’s easy to get lost amongst the crowd. But in order to climb the ladder, impressing those in positions of power is vital. So how can you reach your career goals and ensure your efforts are noticed by the right people?

Know Your Organisation

No doubt you conducted a fair amount of research on the company both during the application process and in preparation for your first day. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget this information once you’ve settled into your new position as you’re distracted by the job role itself. However, having in-depth knowledge of the company is especially important when you work for a large business, because it’s important to understand how all aspects of the company come together. You will find more doors open with opportunities to explore new roles and get involved in different projects.

Be the Perfect Representative

A good way to make sure the powers at be are aware of you is to receive praise from others. If the people who commend your efforts are clients, then even better! This is why it’s so important to always be on your best behaviour when it comes to meeting people outside the office. Bosses of large companies have an awful lot on their plates, therefore receiving positive feedback from clients about how their staff is representing the company will definitely be much appreciated, as they will feel reassured about the standard of work being produced.

Display Your Achievements

In a smaller company your efforts will inevitably be picked up on much quicker by your superiors, but bigger companies are full to the brim of people both performing well and not so well. This is why it’s essential to make sure your boss and other superiors are aware of the progress you’re making. Send a weekly report of your accomplishments and make a note of any triumphs so you can reference them in your next performance appraisal or meeting with your boss.

Be Proactive

To climb the ladder in any company you need to excel in your current role: your boss will undoubtedly check your past performance before putting you forward for a promotion. Once you’ve made sure you’re covering every aspect of your job role effectively, start to branch out and offer your help to other departments and projects. This is particularly important in a large company because you can get to know and work alongside people you would otherwise not have the chance to meet. The more people you know, the more colleagues will talk about you (in a good way!) to those that matter, helping them to notice you. By gaining the trust of your co-workers and being proactive in terms of finding work, you will become difficult to ignore.

Be Patient

Steps up the career ladder are inevitably a longer process than they would be in a smaller company because of the time it will take you to build trust with your colleagues, get involved in multiple projects, get to know the whole company and be noticed in general. Stay motivated and concentrate on working hard – you will be rewarded for your efforts.


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