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Debbie is a professional Careers Advisor for the National Careers Service:

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Interview coming up? Need a bit of confidence building? Want to run your new business idea past a human being that will be objective and understanding?  Then ask me and I can talk through all the options open to you, and refer you to other experts that can help in more specific areas.

  1. Hi Debbie,

    I am currently working in administration in Glasgow and was thinking of changing career to the caring profession.

    I am not sure how easy this would be as I have been in admin for over 10 years now. A friend told me she thought perhaps a company in Glasgow called Cordia would take me on and train me up to be a home carer and provide me with a company car? Is my friend correct?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Sorry for the delayed reply – Debbie has been out and about so I wanted to make sure you got an answer through!

      The caring profession is certainly a busy one to be in at the moment, and one that always has demand for great people to work in it, so (assuming that the nature of the work is of interest to you), it would be a great move if you’re looking for a change.

      Have you thought about what type of care you would like to work in? And whether you would like to do home care visits, live-in care, or be based in one place such as a care home? From my knowledge you will receive training for the majority of roles from an employer (especially large ones such as Cordia), and will generally be required to pass a criminal records check. Aside from that, care employers generally look for great personality traits rather than qualifications.

      It would be worth investigating with Cordia to see if it is a suitable move for you, to see if you’re suitable for them, and what is involved in the training process. Of course you can ask about the car too if that is needed for the role, but you really should base your career decision around the work rather than the free car :).

      Overall, it’s always good to enquire – there’s never any harm in asking. Other good people to speak to would be recruitment agencies that specialise in the care sector in your area – they will be able to give you a good overall opinion of the employers in Glasgow, what the work involves and what you need to do to get into it.

      I hope this helps!


  2. Dear Debbie

    I am an experienced Hospitality professional with a strong Food and Beverage and facilities background in both restaurant and corporate catering with FM and soft services and really need to switch my skills for a new in industry for a work-life-balance and family reason this mean not late night shift and a job Monday to Friday to have the opportunity to study and looking after my family.
    I am currently working as Asst. Manager Hospitality at The Heron Club (London)
    I am a hard working, punctual, dependable individual who always strives for continued excellence. I have strong communication skills and am a highly motivated consummate professional with excellent customer care and communication skills, as well as being a genuine team player.
    You will find me to be well-spoken, energetic, confident, and the type of person on whom you can rely on. I also have a wide breadth of experience and versatility that make me a prime candidate fit to meet the challenge of many roles.
    I have volunteered in many non-profit projects and am an active member of the community I live in. I have had the honour of working with young individuals as a positive role model as well as in various rehabilitation projects aimed at young adults. My main goals and objectives in life are to be a valuable and productive member of the society I live in.
    I am looking for a permanent position within a corporate hospitality or the high end front of house commercial operation and bring with me the invaluable experience and skills needed to make hospitality within Corporate , professional and warm experience for all those involved, both on the giving and receiving end. In the past my roles have mainly involved contract positions as well as short term projects but now I feel it is time for a career move that will enable me to put my expansive skills to the best use. I believe that all my experience and abilities are now better suited to a full time permanent position that will see me as a member of an energetic and productive team that strives for perfection in service.
    I look forward to meeting you in a future interview and would like to take the time to thank you for reading a little about me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Paolo Riggio

  3. Hi Debbie

    I am looking for a career change and have no idea, which direction to go.

    I am in a sales rut and have had enough of targets with the high pressure of the job.

    Please can you help.


    Chris Tomlin

    • Hi Debs

      That would be of great help, if we could meet for a face to face appointment. I have a few ideas but they are still sales related.

      I rang you earlier today and left you a voicemail, so when you receive the message please give me a call to arrange a meeting.



    • Hi Chris

      Its never too late to change direction. what are you thinking of doing instead? I can arrange a face to face careers appointment for you and can meet you to discuss the options – would that be helpful? I have worked in sales myself and know the pressures. Give me a call on 07525477953 and I will be happy to set something up.



  4. Hi Debbie

    Around twenty years ago I worked within IT in a customer support role. Following redundancy I am looking at renewing a job/career within IT, hopefully helpdesk support.. I currently have ECDL level 3 in Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. I also have qualified in Comptia A+.

    Could you give me an idea for my next qualification to pursue? I was thinking of Comptia N+, followed by Comptia Server + or MTA Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials. Is this a logical route or should I be thinking along other lines?

    Also, could you confirm that a person of my age can actually train for a new job/career or am I wasting my time, effort and money?

    Your advice would be gratefully received.

    Thanks you.

    Best Regards

    Adrian Clifford

    • Hi Adrian

      Thankyou for your message. As you know IT support is a many varied thing and your quals and experience mean you might be the perfect fit for one organisation but not another. I am a generalist and can give general advice – which at this stage would be, to speak to a specialist IT recruiter in your geographical area who can give you a realistic overview of current market and requirements. If you would like to sit down with me for a face to face meeting I am happy to arrange this and give some suggestions of where you can start looking



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