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I started off my career on a graduate training scheme with The Littlewoods Organisation which led me into a 10 year career in the mail order industry, during which time I led the launch and development of a mail order catalogue. I moved on to running my own marketing consultancy for the next 10 years and it was whilst growing and developing this business that I first accessed a mentor. That experience inspired me to start up MentorMatchMe.com as I firmly believe that having access to a mentor would have been really beneficial in my previous mail order career as much as it was when running my own business. I am happy to advise on how having a career mentor can help with career choices, career development and in setting up your own business.

  1. Thanks Jan- really informative!

    Would I be right in thinking that a career mentor is also there to offer more specific help in applying for jobs and preparing for job interviews?

    I’ve sometimes found in the past that seeking generic interview advice from different people is useful to an extent, but when it comes to getting specific advice for an interview it can be hard to come by.

    • Hi Nick,

      Absolutely, although of course it does depend on the mentor and their experience, but certainly when looking for a mentor that is something you could highlight as being a challenge that you were looking for help on and check that they could help with this. From my experience at MentorMatchMe.com your mentor could be someone with an HR or recruitment background or could be someone who would normally be interviewing for the types of positions you are looking to apply for.


  2. Hi Jan,

    To tell you the truth, the idea of having a career mentor is quite new to me! I was just wondering what sort of benefits you would get from working with one?



    • Hi Nick,

      There are lots of benefits that you can get from working with a career mentor. Career mentors are generally someone who are ahead of you on the career ladder who can use their experience to help you make decisions and to help you avoid mistakes. The types of things a career mentor can help with includes how to enter industries and professions, how to progress within an industry or profession, how to overcome specific job or industry challenges or how to move job roles and industries. Working with a mentor from your chosen career or industry they can give you the insider track on what it takes to succeed.

      One of the benefits of working with a career mentor is that they can act as a sounding board and give you an objective, outside view that work colleagues, family and friends can’t always do. By working on a regular basis with a career mentor, even just for say and hour a month, they can keep you on track towards setting and achieving your goals and give you the feedback and motivation to succeed.

      I hope this is useful, but if you need any more specific information just let me know.


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