Issue 12 | September 2014


September has always been a busy month for jobs and careers, with the summer drawing to a close and many of you making that leap into a new job, degree, training course and the like. It’s been especially busy for us, as our twelfth anniversary issue is a BUMPER one, full of a lot more career advice. For freshers, there’s a guide on how to get your career on the go before you’ve even started your degree. You can never be too prepared for an interview, which is why our friends at Interview Bull have provided some expert tips on questions to answer in an interview, as well as questions to ask your interviewer. Both vital in securing that job! Recent graduates should have a look at our tips on how to get your careers rolling forwards. For you career developers, the best ways to deal with workplace restructure is a must read, as more and more companies are going through significant change. We’ve also looked into the benefits of working for a small company. All in all, a bumper read full of even more useful highlights.

Issue 11 | August 2014


It seems as though summer is just getting hotter, and so is our magazine. If  you’ve ever struggled to write a cover letter, struggle no more, with our ten ways to write an amazing one. In fact, we’ve got every part of your job application sorted, with five points your CV needs to express. This issue will also help you with finding a different job when you’ve already got one – which we all know can be tricky to do tactfully. Those of you that have frequent dreams of working in TV and film will enjoy reading A Day in the Life Of Film Director Kevin Harwood. For the career enhancers out there, we’ve been looking at how to prevent age hindering your career in each stage of it, and how to win employee of the month.

Issue 10 | July 2014

Career Savvy Magazine - Issue Ten.

As we get into the swing of summer, we help you to weigh up the pros and cons of going to uni, how to impress in group interviews and how to budget on a low income. If you’re savvy with numbers, then discover the opportunities found in the accounting and finance sector. We also uncover the reality behind becoming a wedding planner and how rewarding a career as an RSPCA inspector can be. We know it can be tough to fit a workout into your busy schedule, so we have some tips on how to squeeze in exercise. To help you create a positive working environment, find out how you can resolve conflict at work and organise your workspace to boost your productivity. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!


Issue 9 | June 2014


Wow. We might be tempted to say that this is our savviest issue yet. It’s chock-a-block full of tips on how to get a great job for the summer, how to get a fantastic graduate job and how to get a promotion. If you want a career that really hits the mark, you’d better get reading. We’ve got top advice from a top big city Sports Lawyer and found out what it’s like to a be a racecar instructor. If you fancy being on the other side of job applications, we help you get into the recruitment industry, as well as taking a look at more rewarding careers in adult care and paramedics. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also thrown in some tips on how to get the best salary you possibly can into the mix. What a corker!

Issue 8 | May 2014


Summer is creeping up on us, and with the sunshine comes a whole host of new opportunities to grab onto with both hands. We’ve therefore taken a lot of care and thought into finding some excellent job ideas for all globe trotters, jet setters and and avid travellers. On a more serious note, get the complete lowdown on a career in law, including how to get in and how to stay ahead the competition. Thrown into the mix are also insider sneaky peeks into getting into the Police and the BBC. So sit down, strap in and prepare for your career to take off.

Issue 7 | April 2014


We’re nearly in the fourth month of the year, and the job market is heating up – much like the weather. This newest, freshest issue of Career Savvy couldn’t be filled with much more useful stuff. In fact – we’re not sure what we’d do without it. Read about careers fairs, graduate schemes and the worst CV and interview blunders (so you can be sure not to make them). We’ve also done a bit of snooping into the hiring process at BA, and Marine Biologist JJ Harvey popped up to the surface for ten minutes to tell us about how awesome his job is. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve decided on seven simple steps that will make you enjoy your job even more and taken a look at what the best careers are that involve being among the great outdoors. If you want to know the rest, you’ll have to take a look yourself!

Issue 6 | March 2014


Soon it will be spring, so it seems fitting that you should put a spring in your step when walking down your career path (see what we did there?).  This issue is all about getting yourself on the right track: making those all important decisions that shape your career, and prepping yourself to get there. Sort out those interview nerves by being extra prepared, with some Career Savvy top tips to help you. In between all these helpful bits check out some of the world’s most awesome jobs, including a safari guide and a make-up artist to the stars. Don’t forget to also check in with our expert Julia Days to see what career advice she has to offer our readers.

Issue 0 | LifeSkills National Careers Week 2014

Career Savvy Magazine

This year it will run from the 3rd to the 7th March, and Career Savvy have made a special mini issue to celebrate this event and get involved with our own snippets of career advice. Despite being a mini issue, there’s plenty stuffed in there, including the best CV advice you will read and advice on how to decide the right career path for you. The cherry on the cake comes in the form of your very own career action plan for you to fill out and keep. Snazzy, right?

Issue 5 | February 2014

Career Savvy Magazine Issue Five

Five is one of our favourite numbers and February is one of our favourite months. Why? Because love is in the air, and there is no better relationship than the one between a person and their career. Whether you have a burning desire for construction or a long-time love affair with ecology, it’s time to put all that passion into landing the job of your dreams. This issue will help you consider why sales could be a great route for you, catch you up on the latest happening in media, teach you how to manage your work/life balance and give you some creative ideas on how to earn some extra dough. In between this plethora advice is a brilliant interview with Laith-Al Kaisy about the journalism lifestyle, and a pretty cool insight into what a career in marine biology would be like. What a treat!

Issue 4 | January 2014

issue 4_cover

Congratulations! 2013 is done and dusted. Whatever your plans are for the future, make sure you take advantage of every opportunity that 2014 might throw your way. Career Savvy have insights to share into what companies and sectors are picking up new employees in the new year. We’ll also help you refine every aspect of your application with our step-by-step guide to finding YOUR perfect job. We also had time to speak to Priscilla Coleman, one of the best court artists in the business, about the importance of her role and skills behind her craft. What’s more, there’s all you need to know about how to get an environmentally friendly job. Save the whales, and all that. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so dive straight in and read the rest.

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