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Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training was formed in 2007 to supply helicopter-specific ground school training for JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) student pilots as previously they had to take aeroplane exams and transfer them across to a helicopter licence (known as the interim system). The training we provide exceeds that in the basic curriculum because we believe it’s crucial to provide students with as much experience as possible before they start the real training in their first role. Chief Pilots will tell you, your attitude is just as important as the hours you build. Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training are a sponsored Career Savvy partner.


Unusually for a start-up, we had students from the very beginning – they were actually waiting for the approval certificate to arrive in the post, based on our previous experience with supplying training materials for the Canadian examinations. Things have grown steadily since then. We have trained students from many countries, including Australia, Canada and most of Europe. We also trained 70 people from the Algerian security forces as part of a contract from AgustaWestland – when they went back to Algeria, they knew more than their superior officers! Our materials have been used by Transport Canada, The Royal Air Force, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and many other recognised aviation institutions worldwide (even some of our competitors).

Now we are approved for the full range of EASA (European) theoretical knowledge courses from private pilot right through to airline pilot, for both helicopters and aeroplanes, and more. Our philosophy is quite simple: we train for the industry, not just for the exams, as you will be expected to answer technical questions in some detail on your skill test and at the interview.

We also incorporate safety and self-reliance into our training. Because all of our instructors are working pilots, with experience ranging from the North Sea to the Canadian Bush, they are able to relate your training to the real world and help you start thinking like a commercial pilot from day one. For example, our Operational Procedures notes are written in the same heading order as an EASA Operations Manual, so things should be just that little bit less strange when you start with your new company. This is a comment from a recent feedback form:

‘I chose Caledonian as my preferred trainer because of the industry experience of the Head Trainer and the no-nonsense “straight to the point” concise nature of the training and course notes.

If you are going to succeed as an instrument-rated commercial pilot, you need to be self-motivated and capable of making your own decisions and adapting to a high workload. Oddly enough, these same skills and mindset are needed if you are going to have any chance of passing your exams. In that respect, Phil’s course is ideal in that it’s not the quantity of the information that ultimately will get you across the line, it’s the quality and the attitude you develop towards your training.

In my case, I started the course in November 2013 and completed in July 2014, passing all 14 exams on the first try over three sittings whilst being a 49-year-old father of two and working full time.’ Paul N, former student

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The Head Of Training and Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Phil Croucher, is also an EASA Crew Resource Management Instructor, so we are able to issue a CRM certificate with your course, as you will have just been examined on the entire Human Factors Syllabus. This is just one less thing that your first employer will have to organise when you join them. Our course notes also include the knowledge necessary for the First Multi-Engine Pre-Entry Conversion Course that is required for PPL and CPL holders wishing to transition from single-engine helicopters to multi-engine ones. This certificate is also supplied with our courses (ATPL holders are exempt).


We’re finalists in three top industry awards

Bristol Post Business Awards 2014 finalist MARA 2014 REC Awards 2014