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    Is there a maximum amount of time an unpaid internship/work experience can last before the employer has to start paying them a wage? I’ve heard stories of people working for over a year at some places, specifically in industries that are hard to get into.



    I’m fairly certain that if you’re working over a certain amount of hours a week over a period of time, you legally have to be paid, whether you’re an intern or not. Having said that,some companies don’t pay their interns. So I don’t know how strict these rules are enforced. If you never sign a contract and never get added to the company’s pay roll then how can you prove you’ve been working there?



    I’ve known people in this situation too, going on for months with the company promising they will hire them officially the next month. Unfortunately, companies know that even if you turn around and say sorry I cannot keep working for free, then there will be someone else who is willing because they need to gain some experience. It definitely isn’t fair and it should be looked into so people aren’t taken advantage of!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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