Welcome to Heli Air: The UK’s Largest Light Helicopter Company

Heli Air is unique in being able to offer you complete career path helicopter pilot training from 9 bases nationwide. Heli Air are a sponsored Career Savvy partner. 



From every one of these bases you can expect high-quality training that is standardised, consistent and thorough.

•    Heli Air operates a quality assured standardised training course. We don’t just test our trainees, we constantly test ourselves.

•    Heli Air has built a team of instructors who have flown in every helicopter arena, from military flying to the North Sea. Each one is experienced, full-time and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

  • Heli Air trainingprogrammes are standardised so trainees are assured of consistency and continuity.

•    As a commercial helicopter operator, Heli Air is not only aware of the training standards and requirements for commercial operators, but is also able to provide career opportunities.

  • A large number of our students progress their career by working for Heli Air’s commercial operations, which fly over 10,000 hours a year.

The ideal environment for you to train in

Heli Air offers you a great deal more than training as its services cover the whole world of light helicopter flying from pleasure flying and helicopter hire, to aircraft sales, maintenance, chartering and management.

At every Heli Air base you will be immersed in the world of helicopters and benefit from training within this environment. Seeing how helicopters are used and maintained provides a clear insight into the challenges and rewards of commercial helicopter piloting.

With over fifty highly experienced employees Heli Air can support you in all aspects of your ambition to make helicopter flying your career.

Your career steps – Heli Air takes you all the way

To become a career helicopter pilot you need to attain two licences, a Private Helicopter PilotLicence PPL(H) and a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence CPL(H).

Just like a driving licence you need to practise AND study to achieve both. In the flying world this is called Flight Training and Ground School.

Heli Air provides comprehensive helicopter pilot training (http://www.heliair.com/#training) covering both so that your training remains consistent and structured from a novice to a qualified commercial pilot. You get to know your instructors and airbases as well as other pilots and trainees who provide invaluable help, background knowledge and advice. In fact it’s a great start to networking within the helicopter world.


Captain Mark Cowley Commercial pilot and flight instructor Mark originally trained with Heli Air for his PPL(H) in 1997, his only previous piloting experience was with micro lights. He now has over 3000 hours and has owned 5 helicopters. He currently instructs on R22 and R44s for Heli Air and also flies aerial photography jobs, pleasure flights and charters.

Hour building opportunities with Heli Air

After attaining your PPL(H) you need to build flying hours before you can start your CPL(H) training. With a growing fleet in excess of fifty helicopters as well as commitments to business and training, Heli Air regularly needs to ferry helicopters from one place to another. This ferrying activity provides trainee pilots with a major opportunity to build flying hours.

The other way is to hire a helicopter from any of the bases and enjoy flying from base to base or exploring helicopter flying with friends and family. Heli Air only charge for ‘flying’ hours and by buying hours in bulk you can make significant savings.

Experience and qualification building with Heli Air

Even after you have qualified as a commercial pilot, you will find that it is not only the number of hours you have flown that will help you get a job but, more importantly, the experience and qualifications you have.

Heli Air offers a wide range of courses to both private and commercial pilot trainees, to increase piloting skills from instrument training to advanced flyingprogrammes. Every Heli Air base provides a mixed calendar of events from challenging fly-outs abroad, to social gatherings where you can meet both private and professional helicopter pilots. Heli Air provides all you need to build hours, skills, qualifications and confidence.

Qualify with Heli Air at a pace that suits you

Some trainee pilots wish to qualify as quickly as possible but to achieve this they need at least a year of free time and a lot of funding. If this sounds like you then from zero experience to obtaining a CPL(H) could take between 12 to 15 months. However, most need to pace their training over a longer period to suit their situation.

With Heli Air you can reach your goals at a pace that is tailored to suit you.
Heli Air’s consistent, standardised and thorough training ensures that each module you achieve builds towards success, whatever your time frame.

CPL(H) is just the start – Heli Air can take you further

Heli Air is dedicated to keeping pace with the needs of modern commercial helicopter pilots. This year sees the opening of a new purpose-built training facility (see here) at Wycombe Air Park where pilots can study for, amongst other things, flight instructor qualifications and even a BSc in Air Transport Management.

Heli Air provides many opportunities for pilots to build their hours as well as their progress in their careers. From helicopter ferrying, pleasure flying, pipeline surveys and teaching, you can look to Heli Air for helpful opportunities. Heli Air creates exceptional pilots of very high standards that go on to become some of the most successful pilots across the world. You could be one too.



We’re finalists in three top industry awards

Bristol Post Business Awards 2014 finalist MARA 2014 REC Awards 2014